February 25, 2018

Affordable goods to make your bathroom into a luxurious retreat

February 21, 2018

I feel like companies come out with so many things of what you NEED to have to be a "good parent" and whilst I have gone down the rabbit hole of getting many of those things, I wanted to draw attention to some of my favorite items that I've purchased for Miss Adelaide that have actually made a big difference in keeping her attention and/or keeping life as a working momma as easy as can be.

1. FiFi the Firefly - She LOVES to chew, play, hold and just gaze into this firefly's eyes. You can clip it to your play gym, stroller, car seat, etc AND its big enough and colorful enough from super young infant ages to...well she's almost 5 months and still loves it! Find on Amazon here. I can throw this in the diaper bed and we can head out, knowing it's secure and even if she throws it, it will stay put! 

2. Bow Organizer - Yes; I said it. I re-purposed this desk holder from Target to organize her bows....smallest to largest from left to right :D Makes it faster to dress her up cute. Enough said.


February 18, 2018

Learn how to DIY re-tile a fireplace

February 14, 2018

Tips and tricks of finding gorgeous, affordable tufted furniture

February 11, 2018

Starting the Whole30 was a little overwhelming because the website gives so many details which made my husband and I think we needed to go to the most expensive grocery store in town (Whole Foods & Central Market) to get all the food that we were going to be "allowed" to eat.  After the second week, our budget suggested we try our more economical grocery stores, and our recipes were starting to ask for some things that we knew we wanted to eat, but we wanted to figure out how to do it faster! Tyler's schedule at school was picking up and I am in the process of looking for a nanny for when I go back to work + trying to be more social with the babe, so we needed to make some changes. Here's some quick tips to make your Whole30 experience much more economical and quicker from a meal prepping standpoint:

1. Don't DIY on the condiments - you know we are big DIY folks; but egg-less mayo is HARD to make. Just buy the pre-made stuff from Thrive Market on Amazon. You'll save time and money....

February 9, 2018

I'm an Amazon girl. I have Amazon Prime and order EVERYTHING off of it. So naturally, when I found out I was pregnant with Adelaide, my first thought was - can I build a nursery and get all her clothes and stuff off our Prime?

My husband is also getting his MBA right now so we are a one-income family and being someone who never likes to pay full price for nice things, another one of my first thoughts was "how can I find great CHEAP baby clothes?! And which ones will last the longest?"

So I did a ton of research and also a bunch of experimenting to come up with some great insights I wanted to share with other Mommas, especially first time Mommas!

You can get clothes for FREE if...

You get a Gap/Old Navy Credit Card. I know, who ever wants another credit card? I made fun of my husband for YEARS for keeping his....until I was 4 months pregnant and needed maternity clothes and then again when I was 8 months pregnant and needed sleep n plays. Then I realized that:

1. ANY Gap, Banana Republic or...

February 7, 2018

We did a major house flip while working full time jobs in 9 months. Here's some thoughts for others on what we learned if we were to start it over again to save time, money and resources!

February 4, 2018

Take a peak on some thoughts on what we have learned so far, what we have resolved to continue to do and how we are meal prepping!

February 2, 2018

I wanted to start this blog with the topic I get asked about the most: the journey and my tips and tricks for starting a home renovation and finding affordable home goods to decorate it with. 

My husband, Tyler, and I got married in September 2015. When we were laying on the beach during our Honeymoon in Bali and we day-dreamed about purchasing a house so our Miniature Australian Shephard, Schatzi, could run around with the new puppy we planned to pick up just before New Years Eve, Blitz. 

We spent the remaining months of the year looking and looking and looking. We finally found our house and were sold on it because of the large backyard, 200 year old oak tree just out the backy and the dining room - so we could have our families over for holiday dinners and use our wedding china (yes we are old fashioned like that). The only problem was we hated almost EVERYTHING inside of it; the house was painted the color of salmon and mac'n'cheese with honey oak wooden floors that blended in;...

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