June 21, 2018

Even before I was a mamma, I loved outfits that were quick to pull together. That has merged into a love of jewelry that is fun and makes a statement - especially when the rest of your clothing is simplistic. Not going to lie, I tend to stick to mostly neutral clothing, almost like a clothing capsule, and use statement necklaces and earrings to make things pop. So I figured I'd share some of my favorites - and where to find them on sale!!!

You can shop them directly via the links below:

1. Panacea Fan Earrings - Off Saks $18 These are lightweight and white - meaning they go with any and everything!

2. Baublebar Tassle Earrings - Target $12 These are also lightweight and the description says mint, but I think light teal is better. Wear them with white, coral, blue - anything and brighten up your wardrobe!

3. Kendra Scott Hollow Hoops - Rocksbox $34 (with member pricing!) These are fabulous! Large statements classic to the Kendra Scott look, but lightweight and versatile to match everything!


June 13, 2018

Anyone else still looking for last minute Father's Day gifts? We're planning a trip to the brewery and I've rounded up a list of my top 5 things I'm deciding between to give to the hubby. 

1. Tile -  Links to your cell phone, keys and anything else you put it on to make a noise via bluetooth to let you know where something you might have lost has gone!

2. Monogrammed Dop kit - A great staple for dad's who travel or for when you go on vacation. It's one sack to carry all his essentials

3. Grill Kit - A great gift, especially for the summer! Includes veggie baskets and other top grill pieces that go with a smoker or a single grill

4. Dad t-shirt - Had to put one of these on here because every dad needs a "best dad of the year" t-shirt and I'm loving these from Target

5. Amazon echo - These are on a great sale right now. Echo dots are smaller versions of the echo at half the price. You can place and link them via wifi throughout your house! What a fun way to turn the lights on or off, the musi...

June 3, 2018

Yesterday we talked about the hidden costs in home ownership and today we're talking about another type of cost -- renovations!

Some people love "fixer uppers" and some don't. Yet on average the american family moves every 7 years due to the need for a larger / smaller home or upgrades. Sometimes you can prolong the "life" or the "beauty" of your home some renovations; but they can be costly. Just remember that the overall return on your investment depends on a lot of things: the value of your house, the value of the houses in your neighborhood, the housing market, how soon you sell after making updates and the quality of your renovations.

Soooooo... let's talk about what renovations are the best return on your investment! I've laid out the top 5 renovations that yield the largest ROI, including the average cost of the job, resale value and the cost recouped.

1. Minor Bathroom Update

Average Job Cost: $10.5K

Average Resale Value: $10.7K

Cost Recouped: 102%

Some of the updates you can DIY, too...

June 2, 2018

Today, we're going to dive into the details of what EXACTLY you can anticipate eventually paying for when you own your own home

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