February 26, 2020

While this is a sponsored post, the opinions and reviews below are my own.

We've been preparing for William's baptism and this time I'm trying to add some fun and unique touches to it. One way I'm going to do that for this event, and for this year, is through thank you cards! I've been looking around for personalized, custom thank you cards and stationary for both kids and think I've found a great solution for the momma who is a perfectionist, and who wants to have limitless options for her stationary. So, today I've partnered with Basic Invite to talk about the thank you cards I'm planning to send out after the event - and throughout 2020 -  to our friends, family and god parents who are attending. 

I was looking for stationary and thank you cards that meet 4 pieces of criteria: sparkle, customization, sample options, and automated addressing. Basic Invite offers all in a really unique way! Read until the end for a special discount code, too!

1. SPARKLE - I'm obsessed with spa...

February 24, 2020

One of the most magical moments of my life has been the first days I spent with my children. It's full of wonder, exhaustion, rawness and beauty all in one. I'm working with Dana from @snowpixiephotography to capture our Newborn shoots and am sharing some tips for other busy mommas who might be trying to plan some of these sessions.

Before I start, if you haven't had a chance to check out my tips on how to select your newborn photographer, head to my IG and read more here.

What to prepare before:

One of the reasons I chose to work with Dana is because she does a full style consultation and questionnaire with each of her clients about what they are looking for and what they are NOT looking for. One of the other things she went over with me when we first booked her was newborn safety and what poses she may not be able to do because of it - I really appreciated the caution cause it took me a long time to grow this little dude!

Further, we discussed clothing options beforehand. She assure...

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