December 19, 2019

​This is a sponsored post and includes affiliate links; however, all of the opinions and reviews included in this post are my own.

#BUMP UPDATE - we are almost 37 weeks!

This past trimester has been rough. Not because its a difficult pregnancy, but more so with keeping up with life. Between the revolving door of toddler colds and ear infections, starting a new job, hubby's work travel, preparing for the holidays and.... the list goes on and on... I've been trying to also piece together the final items we need before baby arrives. 

TBH, we were pretty minimalist with Adelaide when she was born. Our friends lent us a ton of items (thank you neighborhood #momtribe) and we were living off one income with a super strict budget. This time around we've been more prepared in budgeting for the things we either didn't get last time or really wanted to help make life with an infant and a toddler simpler, before we even started trying to get pregnant. 

That being said, I've finished up...

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