July 15, 2019

Photo: Little Dreamers Photography

If you you still have some brain space for another Amazon Prime Day Top Deals alert, keep reading on! I picked my top 5 Amazon Prime Day deals that we are purchasing this year and the reasons why this #workingmomma thinks they are great!

You can click the links below or find everything on my Amazon Storefront located here.

1. Amazon Kids Echo Dot (retail $69, on sale for $44) -  These kid friendly dots can be used with Alexa to create surround sound, or the play audio-books, kids playlists, or even as a sound machine. We will install one as a sound machine / kids music device in Adelaide's room and use this stand to help hold it in a clutter free way. Plus, it's rainbow colored!!!

2. Portal by Facebook (retail $179, on sale for $78) - We spend a lot of time face-timing with Grandparents, so when I saw Portal was half off, I got one for everyone. The are toddler-friendly so Adelaide can select the picture of her grandparent to call and it will follow her a...

April 30, 2019

One of the things I love most about our #BBDmomtribe is the true community we are building here. In an effort to get to know more of you all, in person, and to celebrate designing our new 'balance', Balancing By Design, LLC  is bringing you yet another #BBDmomtribe event, this time focused on giving back to you mommas out there! In honor of Mother's Day, please join us at the super chic, super swanky, Eleve Cosmetics on May 10th from 5-7pm in Austin, TX!

If you haven't yet, get your tickets here! The $30 early bird price goes up on May 1 so snag yours ASAP!

Moms Night Out is a chance to reminisce back to what it was like to get ready for a night out with your girlfriends.  Attendees will receive exclusive access to $150 worth of swag, amazing giveaways, goodies, free champagne and snacks, and individual makeup, hair and lash consultations AND applications! Our amazing photographer, Tia, from The Daily Lens  will be capturing the evening. Decor by The Confetti Bar...

March 29, 2019

One of the things I love most about our #momtribe is the true community we are building here. In an effort to get to know more of you all, in person, and help each other grow, South Austin Moms and Balancing By Design, LLC are working together to bring you the Bloggers & Bellinis event on April 28th from 11am - 1pm at the Hive.  

If you haven't yet, get your tickets here!

This first ever annual event will bring together South Austin Mom Bloggers to network, learn how to continue to grow their blog and expand their tribe. Attendees will receive exclusive access to amazing giveaways, goodies, bellinis and brunch, and the chance to get to know other Mom Bloggers in our city. Beata Domagala from Pink Parachuters will be our guest speaker and we will have food and drinks courtesy of Dream Bakery, RWB's and the Hive. Swag bags with products from other local and national sponsors will be passed out at the end of the event. Come cheers to growing your business and your tribe this sprin...

March 31, 2018

We took our first family trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a few weeks ago and I learned so much about what and how to pack the essentials for a fun, convenient experience. I thought we'd be bringing a circus of things, but we were able to take off with 2 suitcases between the 3 of us, a stroller and car seat.  I've also teamed up with my good friend Linzey @thefamilyfuntour to share some thoughts on what and how to pack for baby's first trip! Take a look at my top 10 things to pack and top 4 things to buy/use while you are on your vacation. Then go and check out Linzey's post on HOW to pack it all in as little space as possible!

Also, before you start reading, I have an ANNOUNCEMENT! I just was asked to join LIKEtoKNOW.it as an influencer. LIKEtoKNOW.it is an app that you can use to screenshot instagram pictures, and/or to scroll through for inspiration. When you screenshot a picture, or see a picture on the app, you can click on it and it will give you all of the links to buy everything...

March 24, 2018

My top quick Easter decoration ideas + cute mommy and me, affordable outfits!

February 9, 2018

I'm an Amazon girl. I have Amazon Prime and order EVERYTHING off of it. So naturally, when I found out I was pregnant with Adelaide, my first thought was - can I build a nursery and get all her clothes and stuff off our Prime?

My husband is also getting his MBA right now so we are a one-income family and being someone who never likes to pay full price for nice things, another one of my first thoughts was "how can I find great CHEAP baby clothes?! And which ones will last the longest?"

So I did a ton of research and also a bunch of experimenting to come up with some great insights I wanted to share with other Mommas, especially first time Mommas!

You can get clothes for FREE if...

You get a Gap/Old Navy Credit Card. I know, who ever wants another credit card? I made fun of my husband for YEARS for keeping his....until I was 4 months pregnant and needed maternity clothes and then again when I was 8 months pregnant and needed sleep n plays. Then I realized that:

1. ANY Gap, Banana Republic or...

February 2, 2018

I wanted to start this blog with the topic I get asked about the most: the journey and my tips and tricks for starting a home renovation and finding affordable home goods to decorate it with. 

My husband, Tyler, and I got married in September 2015. When we were laying on the beach during our Honeymoon in Bali and we day-dreamed about purchasing a house so our Miniature Australian Shephard, Schatzi, could run around with the new puppy we planned to pick up just before New Years Eve, Blitz. 

We spent the remaining months of the year looking and looking and looking. We finally found our house and were sold on it because of the large backyard, 200 year old oak tree just out the backy and the dining room - so we could have our families over for holiday dinners and use our wedding china (yes we are old fashioned like that). The only problem was we hated almost EVERYTHING inside of it; the house was painted the color of salmon and mac'n'cheese with honey oak wooden floors that blended in;...

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