April 3, 2020

While this is a sponsored post, the opinions and reviews reflect my own experience and opinions.

I had a really difficult initial first month postpartum journey with William. I felt AMAZING after our super quick birth. But life just kept throwing curve balls and while I felt great, my body clearly needed a lot of rest. I know I mentioned telling the story for a bit, but I needed some time to process it and how to share it. Basically, our first 5 weeks centered around a quick birth and the day after we got home, admission into the Children's hospital for 4 days, an ER trip after a major hemorrhage myself, lip and tongue tie procedures, triple feeds and eventually my emotional need to stop breastfeeding, a few specialist visits, and colds and febrile seizures for my toddler. I was on bedrest for most of it and unable to lift more then 10lbs. Oh, did I mention my house was also hit by lightening and it broke our Christmas Tree and our AC/Heater? 

That being said, once I...

November 8, 2019

I'm in full nesting mode. I've set my eyes on getting everything ready for Christmas now so I can get all the shopping done before I'm too uncomfortable (only 7 weeks left of this pregnancy) and when I can still get up and down off the floor to wrap Christmas gifts.

Any one else holiday shopping early?

I've also realized during this early way of Christmas shopping that some things are actually cheaper to buy before Black Friday or Christmas-time. Sometimes you just need to find the right deal. So, I'm excited to partner with Round Rock Premium Outlets to share a fantastic shopping experience and deals with you other early holiday shopper Mommas!!

Round Rock Premium Outlets is running a “Get Holiday Ready”  campaign! Basically, by going to their website and clicking on their holiday guide from your desktop or phone,you get access to a deal offering 25% off at participating retailers. You can download it on the mall website here.

The sales are running from November 1 - 17th and wit...

October 9, 2019

This article expresses my own personal review. I was compensated to write this post. 

Y'all know how much I love decorating, so I am excited to reveal a part of Baby Boy's new nursery to everyone today! We were inspired by the great outdoors, starlit evenings and as Adelaide calls them, "ani-maaaals," so we put up wallpaper with stars over a tribal-like / jungle-like decor.

I've been very intentional about adding more color into our home recently and after putting together Adelaide's toddler room, wanted something equally bold for our new son's room. I scoured Pinterest and the inter-webs and finally came across a simple crib, some fun wall-paper from Target and amazing art pieces from Minted. My mom is currently working on a handmade quilt to replace this blanket we got during our engagement in Mexico, but for now, I love how it adds a pop of color to the neutral hues.

So when looking for some fun art for the walls, I started looking around for places where I could print art out and get...

September 4, 2019

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Sam’s Club and reflects my own opinion on this brand and product

I’ve started to share some of my must-haves for Baby #2’s registry and wanted to focus today on a staple - DIAPERS! When I had Miss A I really only knew about a couple of brands and was told “diapers are so expensive, make sure you budget a LOT for them.” What I didn’t realize is that the best ones to buy for us:

  1. Come in bulk

  2. Are soft and SUPER absorbent to survive our little kiddo’s movements

  3. Have a wetness indicator so you can SEE when they are wet

  4. Provide savings

I’ve tried a ton. One of my new favorites I recently discovered is the Member’s Mark Premium Baby Diapers, a private label exclusive to Sam’s Club. They have a new premium ULTRASOFT® MAX LINER, are hypoallergenic, provide a ton of savings (especially when buying in bulk) and are currently running a sale until September 15th where Sam’s Club Member’s Mark Diapers and Wipes are $3 off. Oh, and they ha...

July 15, 2019

Photo: Little Dreamers Photography

If you you still have some brain space for another Amazon Prime Day Top Deals alert, keep reading on! I picked my top 5 Amazon Prime Day deals that we are purchasing this year and the reasons why this #workingmomma thinks they are great!

You can click the links below or find everything on my Amazon Storefront located here.

1. Amazon Kids Echo Dot (retail $69, on sale for $44) -  These kid friendly dots can be used with Alexa to create surround sound, or the play audio-books, kids playlists, or even as a sound machine. We will install one as a sound machine / kids music device in Adelaide's room and use this stand to help hold it in a clutter free way. Plus, it's rainbow colored!!!

2. Portal by Facebook (retail $179, on sale for $78) - We spend a lot of time face-timing with Grandparents, so when I saw Portal was half off, I got one for everyone. The are toddler-friendly so Adelaide can select the picture of her grandparent to call and it will follow her a...

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