February 26, 2020

While this is a sponsored post, the opinions and reviews below are my own.

We've been preparing for William's baptism and this time I'm trying to add some fun and unique touches to it. One way I'm going to do that for this event, and for this year, is through thank you cards! I've been looking around for personalized, custom thank you cards and stationary for both kids and think I've found a great solution for the momma who is a perfectionist, and who wants to have limitless options for her stationary. So, today I've partnered with Basic Invite to talk about the thank you cards I'm planning to send out after the event - and throughout 2020 -  to our friends, family and god parents who are attending. 

I was looking for stationary and thank you cards that meet 4 pieces of criteria: sparkle, customization, sample options, and automated addressing. Basic Invite offers all in a really unique way! Read until the end for a special discount code, too!

1. SPARKLE - I'm obsessed with spa...

December 27, 2019

This is a sponsored post but all of the reviews and opinions are my own. Photography is captured by Creatrix Photography. 

New Years is such a special time for our family. Ok, just for me. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Every year since I turned 21, I've hosted an epic, big (think themed party with dress up costumes required) New Years Party to gift myself time with my family and friends. This year, since baby boy is due around the same time, I'm not having one and I'm a little sad because it's my 30th birthday, too! SO, 31 is going to be epic. 

But, I can't help thinking through all the fun 'roaring 20's' themed ideas I pinned on Pinterest before I realized we were pregnant. One of my favorite things to do with these parties is to have a themed cocktail. Keel Vodka is one of my newest favorite liquors (from before I was prego) because of it's delicious taste, simplicity, and lite refreshing flavor. The logo "We crafted KEEL Vodka and KEEL Sparkling to provide balance, so you can be present to enjoy...

December 19, 2019

​This is a sponsored post and includes affiliate links; however, all of the opinions and reviews included in this post are my own.

#BUMP UPDATE - we are almost 37 weeks!

This past trimester has been rough. Not because its a difficult pregnancy, but more so with keeping up with life. Between the revolving door of toddler colds and ear infections, starting a new job, hubby's work travel, preparing for the holidays and.... the list goes on and on... I've been trying to also piece together the final items we need before baby arrives. 

TBH, we were pretty minimalist with Adelaide when she was born. Our friends lent us a ton of items (thank you neighborhood #momtribe) and we were living off one income with a super strict budget. This time around we've been more prepared in budgeting for the things we either didn't get last time or really wanted to help make life with an infant and a toddler simpler, before we even started trying to get pregnant. 

That being said, I've finished up...

November 5, 2019

This new bisque porcelain Precious Moments figurine from The Hamilton Collection reminds me of many of our favorite family moments together so far, some of which include watching "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!"​​

This post is sponsored by The Hamilton Collection, but all opinions are my own.

Now that we have children, we are trying to build our collection of Christmas collectibles to give to them once they start their own families. Our parents did this for both my husband and me (how cool is that?) with Santas, ornaments, and nativities. I'd like to share my childhood love of Precious Moments figurines that I collected as a kiddo with my daughter by collecting NEW ones to pass down with my old collection once she starts her own family.

 We love collecting Precious Moments items

Did you collect anything when you were a child? Or, maybe your parents did for you? I think it's such an interesting phenomenon that we as parents can look for physical things to document the moments we spend w...

September 28, 2019

This is an epic weekend for the Baggerly family! With Saturday's birthday for Miss Adelaide and Sunday's baby shower, we are so excited to have a family filled weekend celebrating how each of our children are growing! I wanted to send a heart-felt thank you out to some of the vendors who are working with my mom and sister to make the shower tomorrow a success!

I've realized one of the things I struggle with as a working momma is asking for help. I would be lying if I told you I think I'm good at this because my family and friends are always saying to me, 'please just ask!!!!' and I'm like 'I do!' and they go, 'No, not really. We're serious!'. This is the point of a momtribe, especially when you're working full-time, even more then 1 job. So with the hubby on the road, most of our family out of town, a full-time job, Balancing By Design picking up, a toddler and this pregnancy, I'm working really hard to ask for help - and admitting it. 

This weekend, with both parties, I've reached...

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