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Working Momma Diaries: Date Nights without a Sitter

For those that don't know me well, I travel for work. And its hard to balance working and being a momma. I used to travel every week and took a role for the current year where I travel about 1-2 times a month instead. My husband also travels for work 100% of the week. Needless to say, we have spent the past few months figuring out a new routine and balancing crazy travel, airplanes, nap times, family time, bedtime, and trying to find time for friends and romance. I looked around and realized a lot of my momma friends work and figured I'd share some of the best tips I've learned from them and my time so far.

This week I'm talking about keeping the romance alive....and sometimes the hard truth of not being able to find a babysitter, or just being so tired from sleepless nights with a toddler that all you want to do is spend time with your spouse in your PJs. I'll do some additional posts on: what to bring when you travel with a toddler, keeping a convenient nursery, my "go-live" checklist for new mommas on the countdown for their new babe AND my downloadable baby registry checklist throughout this month, too! Everything to help make new working mommas live's easier!!

This past month, we could not get a date night in. Between crazy schedules, strict budgeting, and having a sick baby (and getting sick ourselves), and having a baby sitter who cancelled, we were out of luck...until I found Date Night In. These monthly boxes are shipped to your house and have everything you need to have a date night inside your house for less then the price of going out and without the stress of hiring a sitter, ordering an uber, and trying to dress up!

This month's date was themed "Falling in Love," and was all about re-discovering the ways you and your significant other fell in love and continue to grow your love. It sounds kind of cheesy, but some of the guiding questions in it, really were fun to explore down memory lane.

Each box comes with the following items and is only $40:

1. A game

2. A craft or two

3. A set of discussion questions

4. A recommended menu with recipe cards

5. Additional activities to continue after the "Date" is done

6. A recommended music playlist

7. A themed - snack

The hubby and I did everything and even though we were a bit skeptical, we had a blast. We made a candle, made a Christmas ornament, discussed some of the special milestones that started and continue to deepen our love, and enjoyed the snack. The food was yunmy and the activities were quick, but also fun -- kind of like doing arts and crafts but better cause we had wine :P We also learned to play bunco and I think I'm going to get my neighborhood mom group together to continue to do so! It was a fun night to sit back, spend time together, and do so in a low key mode.

They also do a faith based and kids night in box, too!! Either way, this busy momma is so excited to see what next month's box includes for another simple and fun date night in!

If you're interested in getting your own box, you can use the link to get your first box!



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