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Motivational speaker. Coach. Blogger. Influencer. Business Consultant. Momma.

I'm Kaylee. I'm a wifey & momma of 2 kiddos - Adelaide & William and 3 furbabies - Schatzi, Blitz and Oliver! I've worked as an results-oriented, visionary management consultant and executive coach for 10 years and specialize in helping organizations AND entrepreneurs build, launch and track their business strategies and marketing campaigns. Balancing By Design was founded  to inspire, empower and coach mommas who are transitioning back into the workforce and/or starting a business on how to thrive while growing their families! 


We coach mommas and creatives with resume and media kit, job search and interviewing support. We consult organizations so they can grow, pivot and thrive. We connect local mommas to flourish in our mom tribe. 

Pic_ The Daily Lens w Tia Costello

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