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me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

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Title Goes Here

I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

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Social Media Trainer

1 Social Media 101 Crash Course (Instagram, Canva, or Wix)


60 min working session + customized mission and vision deliverable + next steps to legalize + monetize

Social Media Adviser

All Crash Course items


3 x 60 min working sessions +

customized mission, vision, roadmap and communication plan deliverables

Social Media Manager

Initial social media footprint assessment


Customized mission, vision, roadmap and communication plan deliverables


2 Social Media vehicle strategies per year (Facebook, Newletter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn)


Monthly execution against communication plan and roadmap


Success metrics to track accomplishments

A La Cart

Mission and Vision 




Communication Plan




Collaborations Contract 


Additional Social Media Vehicle

Strategy (Facebook, Newsletter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or LinkedIn) 


Additional Crash Course (Instagram, Canva or Google Analytics or Wix) 

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Amanda, CEO Social Mama App

Balancing by Design's strategic vision has helped shape our company's path.  As a consultant, Kaylee truly understands our mission and market, ensuring that we are defining product market fit.  Kaylee serves as subject matter expert to our mom community, frequently receiving praise as a panelist.  Kaylee has used her digital marketing skills to drive new customers to our platform and generate retention from within.  Kaylee is a pleasure to work with, truly dependable, always with a smile on her face.  I highly recommend Balancing by Design.   


Mandee, CEO & Founder Poppy

I can not share enough positive words in regards to Kaylee + her services at Balancing by Design. I knew by her authenticity that she was the right person to support the growth of our business. Kaylee provided us with so many professional connections who helped us create our vision. She always gave it to me straight, which I genuinely appreciated as she very mindfully provided us with achievable goals, careful not to overwhelm us. She is someone who I am excited to share success and failures with, she’s always ready to provide encouragement and support to get me over the next bump. Kaylee is very organized, creative and reliable, our business relationship was effortless, which led us to become good friends outside of our work environment which has meant so much to me. She opened up my world to imposter syndrome and how to navigate my business interactions while getting rid of imposter syndrome. 

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