June 16, 2020

This post is brought to you by our sponsor. However, the opinions expressed below are my own.

As a reminder, I've been following a new diet called:

Bestselling author, Joel Marion, is a fitness expert and nutritionist debunking the myths underlying traditional dieting and offers a simple, highly effective weight loss program.

One of the hardest things to get used to on this program is the fasting. Or so I thought until I started doing it! They preach that "going without breakfast is part of intermittent fasting (IF), also called time-restricted feeding (TRF). IF is a pattern of food consumption that cycles between fasting and eating in specific time periods. There are various ways to do it; one of the most common is the 16/8 protocol, which involves 16 hours of fasting—typically done overnight—with an 8-hour window in which to eat each day. And, it’s actually been going really well.  We’ve been traditionally taught to avoid carbs, have an early dinner, and never eat before bed. But the fa...

June 9, 2020

This post is gifted but the opinions below reflect my own views.

Since being on maternity leave during quarantine, my instincts to get to my 'get to list' (you know the list of things you've always wanted to do but never had time to do?) is starting to get completed in 1 hour nap-time increments. With the weather changing and another baby crawling on the floors, I've noticed more pet hair, dander and dust pilling up then I'm used to. I'm excited to be partnering with Levoit, one of my FAVORITE air purifier brands, to share something that's really helped my cleaning regiment: The Levoit Pet Air Purifier. It's made especially for homes with lots of pet hair. I've been using it for about a month now and have to recommend it - our house is less stuffy, the air just frankly smells cleaner, and I actually have to dust/vacuum the pet hair it attracts off the side of it because it cleans up SO MUCH OF IT. It's amazing. We actually have their other purifiers throughout our home - one in each bed...

June 8, 2020

This post is brought to you by our sponsor. However, the opinions expressed below are my own.

Things have been going pretty well so far! One of my goals was to have more energy and I’ve definitely been able to get deeper sleep and have been less tired on walks and just generally speaking during the day playing with Adelaide.

is a three-phase program that teaches you how to lose big by strategically eating big when you are naturally hungriest—in the evening. This may sound too good to be true, but let me assure you it is no gimmick. It’s all about making strategic and smart food swaps, and you can still eat your favorite foods. The plan consists of: The 14-day Acceleration Phase to kick-start the program and see rapid results, The Main Phase where you’ll learn exactly which foods to eat when in order to achieve your weight-loss goals, The Lifestyle Phase to keep the weight off for good

I’m also loving the program itself that we can use the easy to follow meal planning and food lists. I’m s...

June 1, 2020

This post is brought to you by our sponsor. However, the opinions expressed below are my own.

I find that committing to a diet helps me stay on track. It gives me a start and end date to keep me focused on my goals. That’s why I’m excited about

Bestselling author, Joel Marion, is a fitness expert and nutritionist debunking the myths underlying traditional dieting and offers a simple, highly effective weight loss program. Joel Marion’s program makes dieting easy and eliminates 90% of reasons for resistance. 

Before I started this, I wanted to do a little more research on the science and fasting behind it. What I found is that "specific higher-carbohydrate foods (including berries and cherries) support your fat-burning metabolism while you sleep, providing your body with a steady stream of fuel throughout the night. The trick is knowing how to combine them with other evening and pre-bedtime fat-burning foods to fuel your metabolism as you sleep.” Sounded like it made sense so I figured...

May 26, 2020

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 PM”. The opinions expressed below are my own.

I’ve always struggled with my weight and body image. My first pregnancy, I gained 65lbs and it took 9-10 months to loose it. My second time, I gained 29lbs and by month 3, I still havd 5lbs to loose (which is 2 months ago when I started this diet --in March). I was much healthier and active the second time around but still am eager to look and feel more like ‘myself’ especially with the summer coming up soon. That being said, I found a new diet, “Always Eat After 7” that I’ve been trying. I wanted something to help me loose the last few pounds, help me sleep better and to help me stay active and keep up with the kiddos. 

So, I tried a new diet over the past month that is just launching: Always Eat After 7pm. Guess what? 

Based on surprising science, this diet debunks popular diet myths and offers an easy-to-follow diet that accelerates fat-burning and allows you to indulge in your...

April 3, 2020

While this is a sponsored post, the opinions and reviews reflect my own experience and opinions.

I had a really difficult initial first month postpartum journey with William. I felt AMAZING after our super quick birth. But life just kept throwing curve balls and while I felt great, my body clearly needed a lot of rest. I know I mentioned telling the story for a bit, but I needed some time to process it and how to share it. Basically, our first 5 weeks centered around a quick birth and the day after we got home, admission into the Children's hospital for 4 days, an ER trip after a major hemorrhage myself, lip and tongue tie procedures, triple feeds and eventually my emotional need to stop breastfeeding, a few specialist visits, and colds and febrile seizures for my toddler. I was on bedrest for most of it and unable to lift more then 10lbs. Oh, did I mention my house was also hit by lightening and it broke our Christmas Tree and our AC/Heater? 

That being said, once I...

February 26, 2020

While this is a sponsored post, the opinions and reviews below are my own.

We've been preparing for William's baptism and this time I'm trying to add some fun and unique touches to it. One way I'm going to do that for this event, and for this year, is through thank you cards! I've been looking around for personalized, custom thank you cards and stationary for both kids and think I've found a great solution for the momma who is a perfectionist, and who wants to have limitless options for her stationary. So, today I've partnered with Basic Invite to talk about the thank you cards I'm planning to send out after the event - and throughout 2020 -  to our friends, family and god parents who are attending. 

I was looking for stationary and thank you cards that meet 4 pieces of criteria: sparkle, customization, sample options, and automated addressing. Basic Invite offers all in a really unique way! Read until the end for a special discount code, too!

1. SPARKLE - I'm obsessed with spa...

February 24, 2020

One of the most magical moments of my life has been the first days I spent with my children. It's full of wonder, exhaustion, rawness and beauty all in one. I'm working with Dana from @snowpixiephotography to capture our Newborn shoots and am sharing some tips for other busy mommas who might be trying to plan some of these sessions.

Before I start, if you haven't had a chance to check out my tips on how to select your newborn photographer, head to my IG and read more here.

What to prepare before:

One of the reasons I chose to work with Dana is because she does a full style consultation and questionnaire with each of her clients about what they are looking for and what they are NOT looking for. One of the other things she went over with me when we first booked her was newborn safety and what poses she may not be able to do because of it - I really appreciated the caution cause it took me a long time to grow this little dude!

Further, we discussed clothing options beforehand. She assure...

December 27, 2019

This is a sponsored post but all of the reviews and opinions are my own. Photography is captured by Creatrix Photography. 

New Years is such a special time for our family. Ok, just for me. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Every year since I turned 21, I've hosted an epic, big (think themed party with dress up costumes required) New Years Party to gift myself time with my family and friends. This year, since baby boy is due around the same time, I'm not having one and I'm a little sad because it's my 30th birthday, too! SO, 31 is going to be epic. 

But, I can't help thinking through all the fun 'roaring 20's' themed ideas I pinned on Pinterest before I realized we were pregnant. One of my favorite things to do with these parties is to have a themed cocktail. Keel Vodka is one of my newest favorite liquors (from before I was prego) because of it's delicious taste, simplicity, and lite refreshing flavor. The logo "We crafted KEEL Vodka and KEEL Sparkling to provide balance, so you can be present to enjoy...

December 26, 2019

All images by: Creatrix Photography

A big special thank you to everyone who made it out to the Holiday PJ Party earlier this month!

We laughed, we ate, we took great photos, and we got to grow our #momtribe together! Photos from the event can be found on Jenna from Creatrix Photography's album here. Please remember to tag her @creatrixphotography on IG or @creatrixphotgraphy on Facebook when posting any images.

To those on the waitlist, we missed you and hope you can join us next year!!!

And finally, a BIG thank you to our sponsors and swag providers: Creatrix Photography, The Coop, Yumi, Good Pops, Mighty Swell, Austin East Ciders, Keel Vodka, DJ D Money In The Building, Airy Balloons, The Steeping Room, Tiffs Treats, Kerby Lane, Austin Java, Better Bites, The Confetti Bar, Inch Bug, Hair by Mel , Brentwood Social House, Young Living Oils, The Hive, The Riveter - Austin, Partify, and more!

Another big thank you to our mini market vendors: Poppy, Yumi, Divinity Spatique, Young Living Oils, ...

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