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The Working Momma Diaries: Simple Holiday Card

While this post is sponsored, the views and opinions expressed are my own.

There are some things I’m willing to spend a lot of time on during the holidays; one of those things is personalizing and creating our family Christmas cards. I remember as a teenager one of the things I was most excited about when I got married was to eventually get to send out my own family’s holiday cards. Fast forward to when my boyfriend, now husband, and I got a puppy and we sent out our first cards – I felt like I was living the dream, ha!

From them on out, there was a picture based holiday card every year. First with Schatzi, Tyler & I. Then us three + Blitz. Then all of us + Addie. Then all of us + Addie + Ollie + Liam. Every year the card has grown. In fact, it wasn’t until I had kids that I realized part of the reason I love sending out cards is because it means I get to share a little of my life with our family and friends at least once during this time of year, especially those I just don’t get to talk to all that often because we live so far from many of them.

This year I went a little crazy and put as many images as I could fit onto our card, ha! Usually I’ll pick 1 family image and write a quick highlight of what our family’s biggest blessings from this year entailed. This year, being both a blessing and difficulty, to me meant I should display that with our biggest blessing – little moments together as a new family of four! (Poor pups and cat though, this year they couldn’t fit on our card lol!)

We are so excited about our Holiday cards this year. I always love being able to design my own custom cards and that's why we love Minted. I'm personally obssessed with their Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards. Minted Holiday Cards come in all shapes, sizes and you can custom choose your own paper, coloring and the number of images. This year we went a bit crazy and I included almost every image from my session with Molly Quirk Photography.

You can check out Minted's holiday delivery schedule here to make sure you get yours in time for the holidays, too! They even do personalized addressing (though I like to address on my own, I know it's weird)! I know I can create a holiday card that is unique to my family’s personality and get it out on time with Minted.

I love to purchase ours around Black Friday because the sales are good, I can get my holiday pictures done and back in time, and I can take a week to drink some vino while addressing them all by hand (I know, I really need to make an excel of all addresses and get rid of my handwritten address book – maybe next year!) I also use this time to purchase photo books, key chains, etc for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc so I can get a good deal on the shipping and use the professional images I just got taken. Oh, and I print out a new year’s picture of the kids for our mantle. It’s a production. But it’s my favorite thing to do for me – and for me to show love to our friends and family.

One of the things we love most about customizing cards with Minted is that you can add as many images as you want, add a filter and crop or zoom in and out and it seems to never impact the quality of the image itself. Furthermore, they have many, many options for customizing the foil (rose gold, gold, silver and more), customizing the font size and color, and even customizing the inside of an envelope. The best part about their customization is that they even offer return and receipt address labelling and do so with adorable designs like “to” or “specialty delivery for” on the front and back.

I send our holiday cards out to everyone in our network – family, extended family, work colleagues, businesses I work with thru Balancing By Design, and even my husband’s job. We even send one to our childcare folks and doctors. I may sound old fashioned, but to me, it shows that I’m thinking of them and wanted to just pop and say hello. Also, who doesn’t like getting mail of adorable kids?!

In sum, sending out holiday cards has become a solid tradition in our family. It’s something we plan for every year. That, and making Christmas cookies! Do you have any holiday traditions? If so, what are they?



While this post is sponsored, the views and opinions expressed are my own.


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