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Working Momma Diaries: Post Partum Recovery

While this is a sponsored post, the opinions and reviews reflect my own experience and opinions.

I had a really difficult initial first month postpartum journey with William. I felt AMAZING after our super quick birth. But life just kept throwing curve balls and while I felt great, my body clearly needed a lot of rest. I know I mentioned telling the story for a bit, but I needed some time to process it and how to share it. Basically, our first 5 weeks centered around a quick birth and the day after we got home, admission into the Children's hospital for 4 days, an ER trip after a major hemorrhage myself, lip and tongue tie procedures, triple feeds and eventually my emotional need to stop breastfeeding, a few specialist visits, and colds and febrile seizures for my toddler. I was on bedrest for most of it and unable to lift more then 10lbs. Oh, did I mention my house was also hit by lightening and it broke our Christmas Tree and our AC/Heater?

That being said, once I was cleared by my OB to get off bed rest and to also resume normal activities, I was a bit gun-shy and nervous. I wanted a safe and easy way to get my pelvic area in particular, back into the grove, before starting up my HITT workouts again. I had lost a lot of my pregnancy weight, but still needed to tone up and drop the last 10lbs.

I ended up finding Nordic Fit Mama's 6 week Post Natal Program. If you've been following along, you'll have noticed I've been posting about my progress weekly, but I wanted to take a moment and document the full experience here. Nordic Fit Mama is an award winning, 6-week online training program, that helps women to recover post-baby body in a safe way with a support of trained professionals. Nordic Fit Mama is designed in Finland, a nordic country known for the world's best maternity healthcare and education system. All exercises are medically approved and recommended by gynecologists, midwives and physiotherapists. Read until the end for a unique coupon code for #BBDMOMTRIBE members!

Nordic Fit Mama is offered in Finland and the US! In fact, Austin is one of their first launch cities! They are an online program that offers video led exercises for 6 weeks. They target postpartum women who experience baby bell, diastasis recti, leakages and lower back pain. Each day is only 10-15 minutes so I was able to do the exercises after my morning feeds, with time to get showered, dressed and my cup of tea before the rest of the family awoke. That being said, the program actually gave me more then helping my pelvic and core recovery -- it gave me a schedule and confidence. Check out my before and after photos below. I've still got about 3lbs to loose by week 6, but their is a dramatic difference in my waistline.

I started the program feeling like my core and pelvic area was still super soft. By week 3, I started to notice some results - I felt stronger, my posture was improving and my core strength was slowly returning. I was more easily able to carry my toddler and felt way less uncomfortable after my long walks, too. By 6 week, I felt like my almost normal self -- albeit, still with a newborn.

Ready to try it yourself? Use coupon code HEALTHYMOM20 #momtribe get to get a 20% discount (normal price $149 USD).



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