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5 Thoughtful & Affordable Housewarming Gifts

If you're like me spring means a lot of things - new flowers, grass, but also a lot of friends getting ready to / and / or just starting to move into new apartments, townhouses and homes. Spring is the final "semester" before the new plunge.

I've rounded up a list of some of my favorite housewarming gifts for those coffees, teas, parties, ragers, whatever it is you're doing to celebrate this milestone with those you love.

1. A Gift Card to Home Goods or World Market - Sometimes all the new home/apartment owners are thinking is "how am I going to decorate this?!" or "I can't wait to decorate my new place!" It's always nice to get new home goods for a new space. Why not help them out with a small $25+ card to one of two stores where all styling tastes can find something?

2. Orchid or Succulent - The classic orchid or the super-hard-to-kill succulent is a great plant gift to provide if you're looking for a neutral gift to give someone. Everyone loves plants in their homes... and even if they aren't a plant person, the orchid will live for at least 3 months and it's REALLY hard to kill a succulent...

3. Aromatherapy Diffuser - Give your hosts the gift of a in-house spa with a diffuser and some essential oils. This is my favorite "steal" of a great diffuser off of Amazon! It even lights up and has three settings of high, medium and low. Try it with lavendar and peppermint essential oils as a gift!

4. Wooden Cutting Board- A solid cutting board can be used for years to come. I love the look of the thick ones at Crate N Barrel, but found this similar one as a "steal" at Target!

5. A Welcome Mat - A cute welcome mat is always appreciated. I feel like this is the thing we always forget we need until we are in a new space and trying to keep the dust from the move at bay! Here's an adorable "hello" welcome mat I just love

6, Baked Goods, a homemade dinner, OR some fancy coffee from your favorite local coffee shop - Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood other than some homemade piece, cookies or even a meal so the new neighbors don't have to worry about dinners. Lasagna or even a casserole can be a great welcome gift. Another idea is to find your favorite local coffee shop and get some ground beans as a welcome to the community! Who doesn't love a good cup of joe?




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