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Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Home's Curb Appeal for Spring

Spring is just around the corner and we are decorating and spring cleaning things up from all the rain, snow (yes, even in Texas!), and humidity we've experienced. Take a look at some of my quick suggestions to help refresh your home's curb appeal this spring! I've listed out some of the things we do yearly in order of least expensive steal to a splurge:

1. Get a new welcome mat $ - A new doormat makes all the difference. It's the first thing your guests see when they come to visit! My favorite door mat is actually from home depot. The lattice design, yet heavy duty matting make this a classy piece that can last through the elements.

2. Add some greenery - and maybe a spring wreath - to your front door $$- A seasonal wreath or plants in planters make all the difference - they are what is seen from the street! I usually put ferns out front because they last March - January in TX. I add pumpkins on the steps during the fall. The only other accessories I add to the front door are wreaths - we have a brightly colored one with tulips for Easter, magnolia wreath for summer, a pumpkin and fall leaves one for fall and a glittered ornaments and pine needles one for winter! I'm actually skipping the spring wreath this year and will be putting up this adorable Magnolia one from Amazon for Spring and Summer this year!

3. Apply new mulch to your trees and garden beds $$ - Depending on how big your garden beds are, a fresh layer of mulch could be a super economically way to add some pizzazz to your front yard. I am partial to black mulch and use this one from Home Depot, but they also have dark brown and red options, too. The mulch also helps protect your shrubs or flowers, too!

4. Power-wash your exterior, patio, steps, etc $$$ - Every house, all shutters, every side walk, driveway, entryway and even garage door could benefit from a power washing every now and then. Basically you hook this machine up to your hose and squirt water at it at a high pressure. It makes whites truly white again and gets mold, mildew or other debris off your property. If your house is made of limestone or white brick, this can be a GREAT way to add some sparkle to your home. We are big Ryobi fans, so this is my favorite washer so far. BUT if you want to save money, I highly recommend renting it through your local home depot. It is usually >$50 for the day!

5. Paint your front door with a pop of color or neutral that pops - It's not something folks usually notice, but our front door is actually painted two different colors. Take a peak below of the inside vs the outside. I want to paint the inside of the door to match the outside one day, but for right now our reality is below! Doors that are red, navy or even yellow or bright turquoise are super in right now. I like my door to make a big statement and we will be re-painting ours a shade darker than what it is now to create a bold, classic feel. I you're going for a traditional look, try a royal blue or navy; if you're going for a fun and flirty look, try yellow or... even pink (!!); and if you're going for a modern look, try a medium gray or bright red! If you end up painting your door, please share with me - these are some of the most fun ways to update your curb appeal!

Inside of our front door

Outside of our front door

6. Trim your trees $$$$ - Trimming trees can be expensive, but it can really brighten up the front of your yard. Take a peak below at the difference tree trimming made for us. Not only does it look good, but it can also let more light into your house and yard which can help your grass and other flowers and plants grow more quickly! AND it makes your house look bigger :P We've found some affordable companies who have helped via Thumbtack, an online service where you can post a project you're looking to complete and local companies bid on prices to help you! Most companies have substantial reviews you can review before getting a quote, too. It's a mobile app that also works on your desktop.

Before tree trimming

After tree trimming

Happy spring decorating my friends!



sprucing up your home's curb appeal - ferns, mat, wreath, sod, tree cutting, candles, furniture, bird bath, etc)

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