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How I Capture All the Little Moments

I've been making a commitment this year to get back into journaling everyday. I feel like life with Adelaide is rushing by and I have so.many.journals. where I am trying to capture it all. I thought I'd share my favorites for anyone else trying to slow down time --or at least to try to write everything down to remember those small moments one day.

So now that I write all this down, I realize I write down things a lot, ha! But here is an overview of the things I do to try to capture the small moments in time.

1. Happiness Project Daily Sentence Journal - this is a 5 year record where you write one-sentence a day. It includes quotes from "The Happiness Project" book by Gretchen Rubin. I love it because it's quick, fast and lets me jot down things like "I had breakfast tacos today" or "we laid all the sod down today - my goodness my abs are killing me" and I can compare it to what I was doing the year before like "I ate nachos today" or "Blitz snuggled up against me and put his nose on my shoulder to watch TV together"

2. Baby Book - Every month I take a picture of my babe and put it in her baby book along with her "favorites" and "special moments" of that month. I love this journal from Amazon that I linked below because it is so simplistic, dynamic and modern! You can put your family tree, pictures of all baby's first holidays, pictures of her room, showers, and even pictures of him/her until they are 10! How useful, right?! I added in a keepsake sack at the back, where I put her hospital hat, blanket, onesie and bracelet along with some of the "guess the gender" and "our wish for you" game cards our friends made for us at our gender reveal!

3. Let your Light Shine - I found this great journal at Half Price Books and got the idea from one of my best friends to write to my baby. All while she was in my tummy I kept a pregnancy journal, for myself, of how I felt and what names we were doing and how we were preparing. I also kept a journal for Adelaide, that I still write today, about my wishes for her, funny things she does, and little moments and things I want her to remember one day. I've included some pictures in it, too and plan to give it to her when she graduates high school as a written record of her life from our point of view <3

4. Prayer Log / Journal - I also keep a devotional / prayer journal where I write out my prayers, when I asked them and when they were answered. I find it helps hold me accountable for praying, and praying more throughout the day.

5. Scrapbooks via Shutterfly - I have literally scrapbooked my entire life up until September 2017. I love scrapbooking. I think it's such a cool way to remember things and an important family heirloom one day. I plan to make a book of pictures for Adelaide for her first year, but I also started making photobooks, instead of scrapbooks, a couple years ago. I used to make ginormous scrapbooks and while it took a lot of time, it ended up being really expensive and they take up so much space! So, I started using Shutterfly to make photobook scrapbooks three years ago; I made one for our engagement, one for our wedding, one for our honeymoon and am working right now on making one for each year as a family photo album. These are super sleek, thin and flat and easy to store. I upgraded and got a matte cover dust cover and glossy pages which makes it look way more expensive then it is. You can make your own photobook here AND they are 40% off now with code save40 PLUS you get free photo pages.

Have fun capturing your moments!



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