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Working Momma Diaries: Go-Live Baby Checklist

This month I'm starting a new series - the Working Momma Diaries - to share some of the things I've learned while balancing work and being a momma.

For those that don't know me well, I travel for work. I used to travel every week and took a role for the current year where I travel about 1-2 times a month instead. My husband also travels for work 100% of the week. Needless to say, we have spent the past few months figuring out a new routine and balancing crazy travel, airplanes, nap times, family time, bedtime, and trying to find time for friends and romance. I looked around and realized a lot of my momma friends work and figured I'd share some of the best tips I've learned from them and my time so far.

This week I'm talking about a checklist of everything you can do to organize yourself, and your family, before and right after baby arrives. I'll do some additional posts on: clothes you don't need to dry clean, keeping a convenient nursery, how to make work travel bearable AND my downloadable baby registry checklist! Everything to help make new mommas live's easier!!

I attached a downloaded able of my "go-live" checklist here, but also included some highlights of what's in here for you!

1. A list of doctor appointments - list out all of the check ups and baby appointments you need (think 2 day check up and your 6 week appointment) so that if you have some extra hands around and/or loose track of time (whoops, mommy brain) you have a reminder to help schedule them!

2. Pediatrician details - list out your points of contact, especially the pediatrician, to have on speed dial in case you have any new momma questions (like, how many times a day should my baby be nursing again?! should I take mother's milk tea? etc)

3. Insurance & legal reminders - some insurance companies require you to call or fill out paperwork prior to delivery in advance. Make sure to call your provider and list out any actions you need to take so you're not scrambling - or literally paying for it - afterwards. Also some people like to make wills and powers of attorney before starting a family so I included some items to do that on here, too

4. Nursery prep - a timeline of what to set up and when (before you get too big!)

5. Meal & household prep - a timeline of food & cleaning to-dos to get your fridge stocked and your nesting done in time for the big day!

What other items do my seasoned mommas think we should add to this list?! Again, a copy of the downloadable checklist is here.



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