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Working Momma Diaries: Amazon Prime Day Deals for Busy Mommas

If you you still have some brain space for another Amazon Prime Day Top Deals alert, keep reading on! I picked my top 5 Amazon Prime Day deals that we are purchasing this year and the reasons why this #workingmomma thinks they are great!

You can click the links below or find everything on my Amazon Storefront located here.

1. Amazon Kids Echo Dot (retail $69, on sale for $44) - These kid friendly dots can be used with Alexa to create surround sound, or the play audio-books, kids playlists, or even as a sound machine. We will install one as a sound machine / kids music device in Adelaide's room and use this stand to help hold it in a clutter free way. Plus, it's rainbow colored!!!

2. Portal by Facebook (retail $179, on sale for $78) - We spend a lot of time face-timing with Grandparents, so when I saw Portal was half off, I got one for everyone. The are toddler-friendly so Adelaide can select the picture of her grandparent to call and it will follow her around the room while she talks to them - even if she's dancing and singing in every corner of the living room!

3. Levoit Air Purifier (retails $80, on sale for $49) - I used to think Air Purifiers were silly. But have you ever smelt blueberries in poo-poo form? I swear this air purifier, once we put it in Adelaide's room, got rid of ALL smells from her and her diaper pail trash can, removed any dog/cat fur in the air, and kept the air clean. We got one for every room.

4. iRobot Vacuum (retail $374, sale for $229) - I go thru so many of these with our three pets. Why did we get a cat, again? ;) Anyway, this one is on mega sale and everyone I know who has an iRobot said it lasted forever so we're going to give it a try!

5. Kindle Fire Kids Edition (retail $149, on sale for $79) - We used this on our epic air plane trips last week and it was a life saver. I got headphones , a headphones case, and a case for the tablet and Miss Adelaide loved carrying it as her 'purse' throughout the airport. She loved the screen that's bigger then my iPhone for watching Frozen, too. I think there is even a better deal if you buy 2, too!!

Happy shopping!



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