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Working Momma Diaries: Getting Ready for Baby 2 – Our Must-Have Diapers

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Sam’s Club and reflects my own opinion on this brand and product

I’ve started to share some of my must-haves for Baby #2’s registry and wanted to focus today on a staple - DIAPERS! When I had Miss A I really only knew about a couple of brands and was told “diapers are so expensive, make sure you budget a LOT for them.” What I didn’t realize is that the best ones to buy for us:

  1. Come in bulk

  2. Are soft and SUPER absorbent to survive our little kiddo’s movements

  3. Have a wetness indicator so you can SEE when they are wet

  4. Provide savings

I’ve tried a ton. One of my new favorites I recently discovered is the Member’s Mark Premium Baby Diapers, a private label exclusive to Sam’s Club. They have a new premium ULTRASOFT® MAX LINER, are hypoallergenic, provide a ton of savings (especially when buying in bulk) and are currently running a sale until September 15th where Sam’s Club Member’s Mark Diapers and Wipes are $3 off. Oh, and they have adorable designs on them. WIN.

They come in sizes Newborn to Size 6 and each size has a cute design, sometimes even 2 in the box. I was pleasantly surprised at how absorbent they are, too. Further, one of my biggest pet peeves about some diapers is that they do not all have a wetness indicator line on them and/or strong latches to keep the diapers on my babe, even when she’s running around. Member’s Mark Premium Diapers have both of those features for my convenience meaning I don’t have to catch a toddler mid-play to reattach a side of her diaper or wonder if she is wet or not. These are time and tantrum-saving features, ladies!!!

These premium diapers are sold exclusively at Sam’s Club, and they have free shipping if you order online. They are also available for Club Pickup. Y’all know how I outsource all of my grocery shopping and diaper subscription or pickups fall into this budget category for our family. One of my favorite features of shopping at Sam’s is their subscription service. You subscribe to get whatever you want shipped on a regular schedule of your choice.

You can pick from most items (even outside of diapers and wipes) to subscribe to on your schedule of shipping, which helps you control your budget and stock of essentials.

To be honest, sometimes I still go into Sam’s Club (cause they have so many fun things to look at and free samples, right?) and pick them up myself, but our family much prefers the subscription service for convenience...and so we don’t run out! Finally, an affordable way for a #workingmomma to get things done!

Have you tried them yet?



Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Sam’s Club and reflects my own opinion on this brand and product

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