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Working Momma Diaries: Asking for Help & Baby Shower Support

This is an epic weekend for the Baggerly family! With Saturday's birthday for Miss Adelaide and Sunday's baby shower, we are so excited to have a family filled weekend celebrating how each of our children are growing! I wanted to send a heart-felt thank you out to some of the vendors who are working with my mom and sister to make the shower tomorrow a success!

I've realized one of the things I struggle with as a working momma is asking for help. I would be lying if I told you I think I'm good at this because my family and friends are always saying to me, 'please just ask!!!!' and I'm like 'I do!' and they go, 'No, not really. We're serious!'. This is the point of a momtribe, especially when you're working full-time, even more then 1 job. So with the hubby on the road, most of our family out of town, a full-time job, Balancing By Design picking up, a toddler and this pregnancy, I'm working really hard to ask for help - and admitting it.

This weekend, with both parties, I've reached out to some of my favorite vendors in Austin to help me with Adelaide's party today (more on the blog over the next month!!) and my mom/sister (especially since my mom is coming from overseas!!). Not gonna lie guys, outsourcing the majority of these parties has lifted such a weight off of me and them.

So, thank you to Starr Of Texas Memories for the balloons tomorrow, to Crema for the cake and cookies, to Creatrix Photography for capturing everything and to my mom and sister for this beautiful gift to our son. I can't wait to share photos of the day with you all and some more tips on how to let go of the mom guilt of outsourcing when you're balancing it all.



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