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Where to find the best, most affordable tufted furniture

I am obsessed with cloth, tufted furniture pieces - chairs, bar stools, benches, couches, ottomans; you name it, I want it. They are so comfortable, look so classy and make me feel like I am a queen, ha! I am also particularly fond of furniture that matches and flows, especially since we have a rather open floor plan.

When we started to buy furniture for our house, I ran into a major budget problem: how was I supposed to furnish it with all the tufted, cloth pieces I wanted and stay within my budget? Well, here's what I found folks:

1. Open up all your browsers at once - I scoured Wayfair, Joss and Main, Target, Overstock, World Market & Amazon for what I wanted. Then I realized something. THEY ALL SELL THE SAME different price points...and with different sales. So I opened all of the same item, for example, my dining room chairs pictured below, on my computer and realized that Wayfair was 50% less than every other places AND sold them in sets of 2. DONE AND DONE.

2. Try Goodwill Boutique - Crazy, right? But I got this $800 Ottoman BRAND NEW at the Goodwill Boutique in Austin for less than $100. A splurge still, I know, but I really wanting something that would last with how much we would use it and that would match the other creme furniture in my it was worth it.

3. Look for a sale - We originally had a gray leather couch. Loved that couch. But it showed all the dog fur, all the dog's nail scratch marks, and we were in need of more seating, so I decided to purchase 2 large, long couches (my husband is 6'5 and he wanted something to stretch out on). I found these beautiful couches below. But they were wayyy out of my budget. So I waited. And waited. Eventually, Wayfair had a Labor Day weekend special and I got them 75% off EACH, delivered to my door. Totally worth it. I scotched guarded the life out of them when they came home though -- wasn't about to have any permanent red wine or puppy paws on them! I added some pillows from target and faux fur blankets from Marshalls and have the perfect living room set!

TIP TO GET WINE OUT OF WHITE FURNITURE AND RUGS: La Croix. Pour it on the stain and immediately dab with a paper towel. I have done this many times and I promise it works :P

I waited for a sale for my new headboard, too and actually got it from Target. Target runs these 20-40% off furniture sales where you can also get a gift card of $10-$75 back. So I got these mirrors with the gift card to go over our nightstands, too. WHOOHO.

4. Use your points - ALWAYS sign up for a reward program if it is offered. No excuses. Most companies will track your membership and send you special deals on your birthday or around major holiday sales (Memorial Day, Labor Day, your birthday, Christmas, etc) where you can really use them. I got the two entry way chairs from World Market using this technique. And my bar stools, also below and from World Market, too. They are my four favorite chairs in the house. I love the black and creme contrast and the detail on the legs.

5. Make sure you look at the reviews - Finally, always look at reviews. Especially if you want creme colored furniture. It's important to know they can stand the test of time. Some companies will professionally Scotch Guard it for you if you don't want to do it yourself. But my major tip is to make sure you find an off-creme colored with some texture so smudges are not as pronounced. A thing to note is that not all cremes are the same. Some of my furniture is actually sold as "oatmeal," "creme," "beige," and "linen." Looking at reviews in detail should give you a good idea if you're getting something that is more brown, white or somewhere in between...while your browser is open, look up a carpet or a furniture cleaner...especially if you want cloth furniture and have puppies who like to jump up on your comfy couches when you are not looking! Just know if you're going to get creme or white, you'll need to maintain it. I think it's a great trade-off though ;)

Hope this was helpful! As always, please look under my Shop>Home Decor page for links to buy any items!



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