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The Things That Have Made Adelaide Smile The Most...So Far


I feel like companies come out with so many things of what you NEED to have to be a "good parent" and whilst I have gone down the rabbit hole of getting many of those things, I wanted to draw attention to some of my favorite items that I've purchased for Miss Adelaide that have actually made a big difference in keeping her attention and/or keeping life as a working momma as easy as can be.

1. FiFi the Firefly - She LOVES to chew, play, hold and just gaze into this firefly's eyes. You can clip it to your play gym, stroller, car seat, etc AND its big enough and colorful enough from super young infant ages to...well she's almost 5 months and still loves it! Find on Amazon here. I can throw this in the diaper bed and we can head out, knowing it's secure and even if she throws it, it will stay put!

2. Bow Organizer - Yes; I said it. I re-purposed this desk holder from Target to organize her bows....smallest to largest from left to right :D Makes it faster to dress her up cute. Enough said.

3. Glowworm - Super creepy looking, but totally addicting. Adelaide's great-grandma got this for her as a gift for her for Christmas. She said every one of her kids and grandkids used it, so that makes it super special - and VINTAGE! It plays 8 classical music songs and lights up. She absolutely loves it. It's on Amazon, yay! This is GREAT for tummy time. She hates tummy time, but I turn this glowworm on and she's entranced and rolls over to grab it happily.

4. Oball - This round blue ball is small enough that tiny baby hands can hold it; and it has a rattle which makes it so fun! We used it I actually put a pacifer clip on it so she doesn't throw it around on the floor and I don't need to re-wash it every 15 seconds.

5. Foodoo Highchair - We stopped breastfeeding at 3 months, and my hubby hates using the Boppy to feed Addie her bottle, so we searched far and wide for a highchair. The Foodoo by Joovy is fantastic. It reclines in 5 different positions, goes up and down and has adjustable feet holders, is on wheels AND folds up against your wall. Win. Win.

6. A mobile - This mobile gets me 15 minutes extra sleep in the morning because Adelaide stares up at it. It is super cheap and super light-weight so her ceiling fan makes it move ever so slightly and intriguingly.

7. Baby Bjorn Bouncer - Addie LOVES this. She "chills" in it while I shower, cook, fold laundry, whatever house chore I usually am rushing to complete. It's ergonomic so it bounces with baby's natural movements which makes it naturally soothing!

I have so many other recommendations - including my final one.. the Jumperoo (but everyone knows about that!) - so I'll save some of those for a later post.

See links below to purchase!




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