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Making Your Bathroom a Spa

One of the most useful home projects I worked on was to make our bathroom into a tranquil retreat...a spa if you will.

Cosmetically, the major changes we made to the master bathroom were painting the cabinets white and adding in new fixtures to match the rest of the house. Any other major renovations would have cost $$$ so we decided to use home decor to make our bathroom more vibrant and bright and tranquil.

We went to World Market and found so many spa essentials on mega deal! Some thoughts for affordably creating your own spa are below:

1. Use a bath tray - We use ours all the time. It is sturdy enough to hold my glass of wine, soap dish, sponges and brushes while I relax with a book!

2. Display your soaps & sponges - I love the three glass cylinder jars we got off of Amazon to display our bath salts and bath bombs. We usually have at least two salt scents (lavender and eucalyptus) and five to seven bath bombs. These bath bombs are my FAVORITE; they come individually wrapped and seem to have the longest lasting bubbles and scent (like Shea Bliss and the Drama Queen). When you put bath bombs and salt in jars like these, you can quickly pour them into your bath without having to worry about clunky bags or trying to zip the bath salt bag closed (and accidentally getting water in the rest of the salt thus ruining it...yes, personal experience right there, folks!)

3. Roll your towels - It sounds silly, but I find that when I roll my towels, my bathroom feels more put together, and fancier..kind of like my massage spa! In addition, rolling towels lets you store more and you can put one under your head so you can lay back and relax!!

4. Light a candle & use a massager - I always have one to three candles in my bathroom for when I take a bath. It sets the mood, and if you have scented candles, makes the room smell heavenly. I also recommend getting a small foot massager so you can roll out the knots and stress in your feet after putting them up!

5. Keep linen spray on hand for your sheets after your bath - Spraying some linen spray on your sheets is the final touch to ending your spa experience. Aromatherapy is said to relax, rejuvenate and energize. I linked my favorite spray below; I spray it on my pillow every night and breathe in deeply before falling asleep.

My bath salts & bath bombs

My favorite linen spray

Have a great spa retreat friends!



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