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Working Momma Diaries: Essentials for Toddler Holiday Travel

Due to popular demand I'm continuing this series - the Working Momma Diaries - to share some of the things I've learned while balancing work and being a momma.

For those that don't know me well, I travel for work. I used to travel every week and took a role for the current year where I travel about 1-2 times a month instead. My husband also travels for work 100% of the week. Needless to say, we have spent the past few months figuring out a new routine and balancing crazy travel, airplanes, nap times, family time, bedtime, and trying to find time for friends and romance. I looked around and realized a lot of my momma friends work and figured I'd share some of the best tips I've learned from them and my time so far.

I literally just got off an airplane. 12 hour travel day from Austin to New Jersey. Man, I am wishing I had paid the 200 extra dollars for the direct flight. Lesson LEARNED. I wanted to share some tricks we used to help make these trip a littttttle bit easier for everyone else making holiday travel plans this year, too.

For the snowy-adventure traveler:

1. Sperries as snow boots - Addie keeps slipping all over the snow in her tennis shoes, so I had to find something else where she could toddle around. These sperries duck boots for toddlers are pricey and wayy too big for her. BUT I put 2 pairs of thick socks on with tights and they fit just perfect and she can run, eat all the snow she wants and make snow angels with me all day now

2. Hat with mittens - Finding a hat that will actually stay on is difficult. This hat and mittens set is stretchy but also super fitted so it never falls off

For the going-home-to-lounge traveler:Small magnetic blocks

2. Backpack for toys (with a leash) - my kiddo loves unicorns and purses and backpacks. We got her this one so she has one to carry with her that can also store all of her toys when we go to other people's house. She feels like a boss and it helps with clean up and it has a leash so she can run (somewhat) free in the airport on the way to our vacation(s)

3. Slippers - these moccasins match my grown up LL Bean ones and have a little strap on them so they don't fall off and keep her fit warm while we are all lounging around

For the beach traveler:iplay baby swim shoes

2. iplay baby built-in-diaper-swimsuit - these make changes diapers on the go a lot faster. They are super absorbent, super cute, and have snaps on one side for easy on and offs!

3. iplay baby flexible sunglasses - these are bendable (aka not breakable) and have a STRAP. you will never loose your kiddos shades again





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