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Working Momma Diaries: Affordable, Glam Playroom Updates

My husband and I moved to a Texas from the East coast. We always wanted the life of living in the city no matter how small it was so we could be close to shops, bars, restaurants, you name it. Then we got married and decided we wanted to grow our family and quickly realized we needed a bigger space. We got another dog and realized the time was now. We bought a house.

The one thing I was so adamant about during our house hunt was that we have a dining room. I wanted a space for our extended family to gather over meals, play games and cards, and use all the fancy china we got for our wedding. Fast forward to when Addie turned 18 months and I realized she could get out of her small infant play area. I didn’t want to let her play area infringe on the living room any more than it already was. I didn’t want to give up a bead room. So I sacrificed my newly renovated dining room. Cue the tears. However, I'm super excited about how it turned out and how I was able to do it on such a small budget!

Today I want to talk about how to convert a space that was adult only into a playroom on a low budget. We did and bought everything for under $300! Some of my favorite / the big purchases are detailed and linked below! I'll keep you posted as we continue to update this space - we still want to re-paint, add wainscoting/ an accent wall, etc to brighten it up but for now I'm LOVING the color, safety and functional imagination that can occur here!

1) baby gate ($40) - I can’t recommend the Regalo baby gates enough. Here is our small one (below) and here is our large, convertible one (above). They come in a variety of sizes, don’t have to be bolted (unless you want to) and like legos, can snap together or break apart and be reshaped to fit your space

2) rug ($75) - my New Year's resolution for the house is to bring more color into it and only add items that link to our heritage or travels. This pink rug is not only soft and bright but also displays the mosque ceiling rug design that Tyler and I learned about when we were in the Middle East two years ago. It’s perfect for our baby girls playroom!

3) bookshelf and baskets ($80) - I always said once I bought a house, I'd never use IKEA furniture again. I lied. It's amazing for Adelaide's playspace. The exact bookshelf I use no longer actually is sold but I found a similar one at Target that I linked below. It's slightly more interesting then the standard 8 cubby ones everyone shows - and can be delivered within 2 days!

4) new light fixtures ($100) - We had not yet installed wainscoting, our accent wall or painted the new playroom a new color. My project for later this year is to brighten it up, but when on a budget, we stuck with the dark navy blue color paint we originally had in the dining room and added in 3 bucket lights to help the chandelier make this space shine!


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