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Working Momma Diaries: Making A Simple Party

Photo credit on all images: Creatrix Photography

I talked about how as a working momma, one of the hardest things to do is to plan a party. I get so overwhelmed with picking out the themes, colors, and food. As we approach the holidays, this anxiety to be 'perfectly balanced' really gets to me. Really the food and decor are what gets me every time. I also have this strange LOVE of planning parties so it's funny how the thing that stresses me out the most also makes me the most happy. Before sharing a re-cap of our 2nd Birthday for Adelaide, I wanted to share 5 quick tips on how to make an epic, yet simple party while balancing all of the things! I'm hoping this post is timely for all the mommas out there looking to plan holiday parties as we gear up for the holiday season!

1. Outsource your 'weaknesses' or the most -time consuming - There are some things I'm just not good at: cooking, baking, tiny details, and patience of setting up all.the.decor. and using tape. I also get super overwhelmed with trying to make the food look pretty, strange right? So this is an area where I am trying to let go to make everything simpler and honestly, FASTER! Who has 6 hours to set up a party anymore with toddlers? HA!

2. Take on the things that you love - This for me, is picking out the decorations and themes. I can spend HOURS lost in my thoughts looking at themes and decorations on pinterest. I can come up with the vision and LOVE doing it, so this is something I continuously own when I plan my parties

3. Remember you are your hardest critic - When I set up a party, I notice all of the details and everything that went wrong. I am trying really hard to be my biggest fan these days and let go of the 'small things' that don't matter. No one else sees that I had 8 juice boxes and only 6 pairs of sunglasses on my themed table - so let it go! People come to your parties to celebrate and spend time with you!

4. Ask for help - While I outsourced a lot for my most recent parties, I just found there are organizations like Partify that can pull any and everything together for you from the vision, to costs / options of food and drinks to a day-of coordinator! More on them soon!!

5. Go virtual - Emily post is gonna come after me. I used to do hand-written invites and thank-yous. While I think there is a time and place for a hand-written thank-you, I highly recommend using free websites like Paperless Post to send your invites (and if you're up for it thank yous) to avoid postage costs and the extra time. You can still make them look cute and even purchase a card image from etsy to put onto the free invite and have the same effect!

Any other tips for mommas on how to make party planning easier?!

A special thanks to some of the folks who made my daughter's 2nd birthday planning process so easy: Airy Balloons, Keel Vodka, Dream Bakery, Blenders & Bowls and Creatrix Photography, The Coop, The Confetti Bar.



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