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Working Momma Diaries: Last Minute Baby Finds

​This is a sponsored post and includes affiliate links; however, all of the opinions and reviews included in this post are my own.

#BUMP UPDATE - we are almost 37 weeks!

This past trimester has been rough. Not because its a difficult pregnancy, but more so with keeping up with life. Between the revolving door of toddler colds and ear infections, starting a new job, hubby's work travel, preparing for the holidays and.... the list goes on and on... I've been trying to also piece together the final items we need before baby arrives.

TBH, we were pretty minimalist with Adelaide when she was born. Our friends lent us a ton of items (thank you neighborhood #momtribe) and we were living off one income with a super strict budget. This time around we've been more prepared in budgeting for the things we either didn't get last time or really wanted to help make life with an infant and a toddler simpler, before we even started trying to get pregnant.

That being said, I've finished up my baby preparations and nesting with some AMAZINGLY beautiful, functional and simple to put together baby products from Dream On Me. To start, 2 items we really wanted for this little guy were a bassinet or cradle and a mattress for our pack N play so he had something a bit softer to sleep on then the mat in it once he grows out of the bassinet.

The Dream on Me Rocking Cradle (see below) is gorgeous. It's actually bigger then a bassinet so baby can stay in it a bit longer, it can rock or lock into place, and it comes in SO many colors. Right now, I've been using it to show Adelaide how to 'be quiet' and 'whisper' around baby!

Oh, and did I tell you it comes with a mattress???? The mattress is a bit thin, and a lot of Amazon reviews say you can put another mattress in it's place... but the cradle safety instructions warn against suffocation hazards when a mattress, other then the one it came with, is used. So, we're using the thin one and will upgrade once he moves to a pack N play!

The second item I've prioritized making sure we got this trimester is a foam mattress to put inside our pack N play once the little guy grows out of the cradle. What an upgrade!! Dream on Me has the Play yard Mattress designed specifically for pack n plays and that is approved by Graco (who makes ours) for use! It's $30 and this time around, I was totally ready to "splurge" and get it! It's super soft, yet firm enough and made specifically for infants.

Some other items I've been eyeing from Dream on Me include the Olivia on-the-go outdoor play yard (so baby boy can crawl and play outside without fear of 2 puppies, a cat and a toddler interfering!) and the Mesh Security Bed Rails so we can move Adelaide to a big girl bed as a 'special' thing for her so she doesn't feel like everything is JUST about the baby next year. Once both kiddos are a bit older, I'll share some more about why I picked this brand and those products.

Any other last minute baby items to recommend? We're 2 weeks out so speak up now! LOL.



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